• Solution-focused international lawyer with extensive experience in the fields of contractual relations, negotiations, corporate governance, litigation and amicable settlements.
    • In-depth experience in legal support and representation of ‘tax havens’ harboured international businesses.
    • Comprehensive background in intellectual property, constitutional, administrative and criminal law.
    • Worked on a high-profile cases at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the UN Human Rights Committee. Listed among arbitrators available for appointment at the London Court of International Arbitration.
    • Very skilled in handling interdisciplinary cases, including work with the media and politically charged matters.
  • Practicing since 2001, highly versatile generalist lawyer. Professional score accounts for dozens of lawsuits, some corporate warfare, hundreds of negotiations and all kinds of deals.
    • In 2005 to 2008 he was a special task lawyer at one of the oldest still operating law firms in Latvia.
    • From 2009 he runs his own law practice, until 2016 did practice from Riga thereafter Moscow and London interchangeably turned to be main ports of his international law practice.
    • His law practice is geographically widespread. Besides the Baltics and Russia he had been instructed in cases in Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkmenistan, India, Italy, Cyprus, Taiwan, British Virgin Islands, Maldives and other countries.
    • His working languages are Russian and English. He is also fluent in Lettish, and knows the basics of German and French.
  • National frontiers and differences of legal systems does not confine. He speaks the language of the case and ready to be where needed.


Illarion Girs is not a typical lawyer. He is not only into law, but into justice,and he is not only into words, but into truth.

— Alexander Bretz,
German advocate / Design Law Force

Mr. Girs appeared to be a strong personality and he demonstrated excellent managerial and negotiating skills combined with an ability to persist and bereak through reluctance of the counterparty. [..] In association with INLAT Law Offices he was extensively involved in many complicated projects requiring non-standard creative solutions independent analytical thinking and decision making. [..] He is a gifted inborn lawyer and his passion for law makes him capable of bringing good theory into practice.

— Roman Borisovich Zheglov,
Chief legal officer of INLAT Law Offices

He is an extremely able lawyer. He understands very well the processes of legal reasoning, but is able to temper his arguments with common sense and humanity. He has a sound tactical sense and an instinct for what will work in furthering the interests of his clients.

— Michael Birnbaum,
Queen’s Counsel / Foundry Chambers

Mr. Girs showed admirable determination and discipline in work. [..] He is inquisitive, analytical intelligent and he has a very important sense of justice.

— Prof. Ineta Ziemele, PhD,
Judge of the European Court of Human Rights (2005 – 2014),
Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia

A good-natured person with the tenacity of a bulldog.

— Vladimir Ilyich Linderman, Chairman of Latvian political party «For native tongue!»

Illarion was a passionate student of law and his passion for law and defence of rights continues to today [..] demonstrates a strong character and person capable of independent thought and action. [..] I highly recommend Illarion as a jurist and as a person of integrity and ideals.

— Prof. John J. A. Burke, PhD,
Rector of the Riga Graduate School of Law (2005-2007)

Illarion is a legal professional that is rare to find. [..] He is always thinking beyond the box, creative in finding solutions and above all, he has persistence and character to tackle the most nuanced issues. [..] Practicing law is not just a ‘job’ for Illarion. It is his devotion to which his is fully and passionately committed.

— Tatjana Evas, Dr. jur.,
Policy Analyst at the European Parliament Research Service

Having known this gentleman for some 10-15 years in professional and personal capacity, I recommend him for his dedicated professionalism and his honesty.

— Christopher Goddard, PhD,
Legal linguistics expert and lecturer

I’ve known Illarion since 2007. His ethical and professional values are beyond reproach. I’d recommend Illarion to everyone: having a lawyer, a thinker like him in your corner is a huge asset. He is inventive and meticulous to a fault. Whether you are preparing an international agreement with world’s heavyweight or require help mediating intricate corporate matters — Illarion will give you his 100% effort, and then some.

— Felix Polianski, BFSI business expert,
member of the board of fin-tech company — Credit Pilot PLC

I worked with Illarion in 2005 when I and my partner were selling our company. Illarion was representing our interests in negotiations of the terms of the deal. He was always utterly prepared for each meeting, handled conflict situations very well and finally reached the result which we’ve desired. Later I have personally collaborated with Illarion on numerous occasions, every time was extremely satisfied with his professional abilities and personal factor.

— Yekaterina Firyan, Managing partner at COPYWRITER,
copywriting and media communication specialised company