Illarion Igorevich Girs, LL.M

Master of International and European Law

Fair in deed, flexible in dealing
Mediate first
It's worth a try
Mediation is a consensual process in which a neutral, independent person (mediator) facilitates communication between the parties so that the parties themselves can solve their issue. The terms of both the mediation and settlement are up to the parties to decide, and the mediator is there to help.

Undoubtedly, it's the most flexible, confidential to the max, least formal and humane way to settle a dispute.

It's the same legal as litigation but cost-effective and quick with common sense over formalism.

Peacemaking is at the core

  • Natural choice
Litigation lawyer-turned-mediator in 2021 for too many cases seen that could have had much better outcomes if only genuinely tried for out-of-court resolution. So, the turn into mediation was natural.

  • Well-qualified across the worlds
The International Mediation Institute qualified mediator with professional training from Britain, Belorussia, USA, India, and Russia, on top of extensive law practice rich in amicable settlements.

  • Integrity in mind
The European Code of Conduct for Mediators — these are the professional rules adhered to in general. And in particular, UNCITRAL Mediation Rules are the point of reference for due process.
As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.
There will still be business enough.

Abraham Lincoln, an American lawyer and statesman
'Notes on the Practice of Law', 1850
Learned in law
No-nonsense professional
A seasoned international generalist lawyer matured into a mediator and mediation advocate with a broad skill set and a keen eye for detail.

Well-versed in civil law with a practical understanding of English contract law. The main legal background is commercial and corporate, though with a big deal of practice related to IP, constitutional, administrative, family, criminal law and human rights matters.

Professional score accounts for dozens of lawsuits, some corporate warfare, countless negotiations, and all sorts of deals.

The volume of projects advised on over two decades of law practice totals around $5 bn, and the geographical reach of the practice covers two dozen countries on three continents.

Go to law is an option
  • Courtroom tested troubleshooter
Worked on cases of different kinds and on all levels of domestic courts, plus the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committee. Skilled in handling multidisciplinary tasks, incl. work with the media and politically charged matters.

  • Easy-going international, and multilingual
Lived and worked in different political, international and intercultural environments. National frontiers and differences can be tackled. Speaking the language of the case, ready to be where needed.

Working languages are Russian, English and Lettish.

  • Confidential to the max
Confidential to the greatest extent possible. The secrets entrusted are carefully guarded. This allows for trust-based communication, which is essential for fruitful mediation.

  • Above and beyond
Real life demands advice above and beyond pure lawyering, and it is integral to the services provided.