Illarion Igorevich Girs, LLM
Master of International and European Law

Counsel ~ Representative ~ Conciliator

London based, practicing worldwide
Imagine a lawyer who takes a genuine interest in your success as if it were his own. Imagine a lawyer who understands the values at stake, who truly represents your interests, who is creative and committed to obtaining the best result for you. I am that kind of a lawyer.

Key features
Practicing creatively, defensively, counter-offensively:
in any decent, ethical way necessary
to ensure an assignment is well done

Contract matters focused generalist
Solution-focused international lawyer with extensive experience in the fields of contractual relations, negotiations, corporate governance, litigation and amicable settlements. Comprehensive background in intellectual property, constitutional, human rights, administrative and criminal law.
Unique Experience
Professional score accounts for dozens of lawsuits, some corporate warfare, hundreds of negotiations and all kinds of deals. In-depth experience in legal support and representation of 'tax havens' harboured businesses. Practicing since 2001.
Truly international
Geographically widespread law practice. Besides the Baltics and Russia has had been instructed in cases in Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkmenistan, India, Italy, Cyprus, Taiwan, British Virgin Islands, Maldives and other countries. National frontiers and differences of legal systems does not confine. Ready to be where needed.
Tested in courts
In addition to diverse litigation work at national levels worked on high-calibre cases at the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Listed among arbitrators available for appointment at the London Court of International Arbitration.
Speaks the language of the case
Working languages are Russian and English. Also fluent in Lettish, and knows the basics of German and French.
Effective troubleshooter
Very skilled in handling interdisciplinary cases, including work with the media and politically charged matters. Highly versatile.
Selected Practice
A wide range of tasks, including but not limited to...
Hi-Tech Start-Up Settled in Singapore
Legal support of a leading Russian supplier of smart card and access control solutions in setting a long-term legal framework for collaboration with a leading global semiconductor manufacturer. The assignment included extensive work on tackling a probelm of international business with foreign extratterrial laws in Russia.
Foreign Investment Protection in Maldives
General counselling for a foreign investment company in contractual relations with its local partner in the Maldives on investment protection, business management and distribution of profits from a joint venture in the tourism industry.
Massive Land Sale in Russia
Counselling on the sell-side in a sophisticated deal on sale of 215 ha land for one of the biggest housing projects in modern Russia. Done interacting with King & Spalding. Business media assumed deal value: $ 215 million.
Misappropriation Lawsuit in Latvia
Representing Latvian entrepreneur in litigation for compensation of loss and moral harm out of conspiracy by his business partners to misappropriate joint venture assets. All claims were successfully secured by a court decision on asset-freezing. Total sum of claims: € 3,235,816. The claimant fell victim to a contract killing that remains unsolved and which derailed the case.
Offshores in Switzerland and Cyprus
Counselling on sustainable internal corporate structure and settlement of contract base for an offshore multibillion-dollar consortium dealing in metals trading with a decision-making centre in Switzerland.

General counselling for an offshore multimillion-dollar holding company dealing in the field of foreign investments with a decision-making centre in Cyprus.
Seaport Business Safeguarded in Riga
Legal support of mineral fertilizer transhipment terminal in the Freeport of Riga during conflict between the shareholders of this business worth around $ 100 million. The assignment involved assuming the position of procuration holder, then the only authorised signatory of the company during attempted hostile takeover. The solutions applied involved recourse to the Economic Crime Combat Department of the Latvian State Police.
Business Human Rights in Strasbourg
Co-representing a Moldovan company with foreign investments at the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Bimer S. A. v. Moldova concerning a Moldovan law that forced the closure of the applicant company's duty free business.

Loss of profits compensation awarded: € 520,000.
US Extradition Effort Challenged
Counselling and representing Ukrainian e-commerce entrepreneur arrested in Poland on matters of international law safeguards against extradition to the U.S.A. for alleged billion-dollar copyright infringements and money laundering in operation of one of the world's largest torrent files internet search engines — "KickAss Torrents" (KAT).
Anglo-Russian Fashion Settlement
Legal support and representation of Russian fashion avant-garde designer Kirill Mintsev in amicable settlement of copyright dispute with British luxury fashion house of Burberry. The assignment included bypassing conflict-oriented Moscow-based advocates and interacting directly with the General Counsel of Burberry.
Russian Dissent Acquitted
Counselling for persecuted Latvian oppositional politician E. Y. Osipov on defence against criminal charges of desecrating the national flag of Latvia by virtue of verbal political critique. The defendant was found guilty by the court of first instance, then acquitted by the court of appeals and the acquittal was sustained at cassation instance by the Supreme Court of Latvia.
Premium Residential in Latvia
Legal support for (A) acquisition of land with a historic mansion and garden located in the quiet downtown of Riga, (B) construction and sale of premium class residential building of 27 apartments located in the quiet downtown of Riga, (C) acquisition and subsequent litigation on land for residential building of 59 apartments located in the Baltic Sea Resort City of Jurmala.
German Franchise Lawsuit
Representing Latvian franchisee of German luxury brand "Patrick Hellmann Collection" in litigation on the right of final sale under the trademark despite the franchisor's objections. Hopeless on the merits the case was won on procedural grounds.
Russian Business Sale
Counselling on the sell-side in a sophisticated M&A deal involving counterparts from the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia. The assignment included a full complement of transaction-focused legal and negotiation services. A leading European textile service company was the buy-side.
Construction Subcontract in Turkmenistan
Legal support for a Latvian bridge-building company in a multimillion-euro deal with a Russian general contractor for construction of a 400 metre stretch of a road overcrossing on the motorway to Turkmenbashi International Airport, Turkmenistan.
Scandinavian Bank Anchor Tenancy
Legal support for Latvian lessor-developer company in a multimillion-euro tenancy deal on an "A" class office centre in Riga — the headquarters for Latvian branch of Nordea Bank AB.
Controlling Interest Enabled in the Baltics
Organization and legal support for majority shareholder increasing its share over the controlling interest threshold followed by a planned mandatory buyout in one of the biggest stock exchange-traded construction companies in the Baltics.
Castle Ownership Securement in Bohemia
Legal support for a foreigner covertly owning castles in Bohemia in the process of establishing a corporate vehicle to secure ownership against the risk of misappropriation.
Latvian Vessel Crash Controversies Lawsuit
Representing Latvian bridge-building company in litigation objecting to a claim for compensation of damages and moral harm to the victim of a vessel involved in a collision with a river construction site. The final decision is among selected precedents of the Supreme Court of Latvia, confirming a defendant-favourable position of no retroactive effect of civil law on moral harm compensation.
Russian Corporate Fraud Whistleblower Protection
Legal support and representation of a whistleblower in one of the largest telecommunications operators in Russia bringing information to the surface internally about enrichment involving conflict of interest at the top management level.
Latvian Red Cross Property Rights Collision
Co-representing Latvian entrepreneur v. Latvia at the European Court of Human Rights in a case concerning deprivation of property in violation of the public credibility principle of the Land Registry.
Michael Birnbaum, QC
Queen's Counsel / Foundry Chambers
He is an extremely able lawyer. He understands very well the processes of legal reasoning, but is able to temper his arguments with common sense and humanity. He has a sound tactical sense and an instinct for what will work in furthering the interests of his clients.
Roman Borisovich Zheglov
Chief legal officer of INLAT Law Offices
Mr. Girs appeared to be a strong personality and he demonstrated excellent managerial and negotiating skills combined with an ability to persist and bereak through reluctance of the counterparty. [..] He is a gifted inborn lawyer and his passion for law makes him capable of bringing good theory into practice.
Prof. Ineta Ziemele, PhD
formerly a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights and currently Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia
Mr. Girs showed admirable determination and discipline in work. [..] He is inquisitive, analytical intelligent and he has a very important sense of justice.
RA Prof. Alexander Bretz
German advocate / Design Law Force
llarion Girs is not a typical lawyer. He is not only into law, but into justice,and he is not only into words, but into truth.
Felix Polianski, BFSI business expert
Board Member of Fintech company
I've known Illarion since 2007. His ethical and professional values are beyond reproach. I'd recommend Illarion to everyone: having a lawyer, a thinker like him in your corner is a huge asset. He is inventive and meticulous to a fault. Whether you are preparing an international agreement with world's heavyweight or require help mediating intricate corporate matters — Illarion will give you his 100% effort, and then some.
Yekaterina Firyan
Managing partner at COPYWRITER
I worked with Illarion in 2005 when I and my partner were selling our company. Illarion was representing our interests in negotiations of the terms of the deal. He was always utterly prepared for each meeting, handled conflict situations very well and finally reached the result which we've desired. Later I have personally collaborated with Illarion on numerous occasions, every time was extremely satisfied with his professional abilities and personal factor.
Tatjana Evas, Dr. jur.
Policy Analyst at the EU Parliament Research Service
Illarion is a legal professional that is rare to find. [..] He is always thinking beyond the box, creative in finding solutions and above all, he has persistence and character to tackle the most nuanced issues. [..] Practicing law is not just a 'job' for Illarion. It is his devotion to which his is fully and passionately committed.
Christopher Goddard, PhD
Solicitor, Legal linguistics expert and lecturer at the Riga Graduate School of Law
Having known this gentleman for some 10-15 years in professional and personal capacity, I recommend him for his dedicated professionalism and his honesty.
Prof. John J. A. Burke, PhD
formerly a Rector of the Riga Graduate School of Law
Illarion was a passionate student of law and his passion for law and defence of rights continues to today [..] demonstrates a strong character and person capable of independent thought and action. [..] I highly recommend Illarion as a jurist and as a person of integrity and ideals.
Imma Jansone
Latvian sworn advocate
He is an an effective troubleshooter and communicator known maintaining the outmost confidentiality.
Vladimir Ilyich Linderman
Chairman of Latvian political party «For native tongue!»
A good-natured person with the tenacity of a bulldog.
Great Britain ~ Russia
Latvia ~ Maldives ~ Singapore
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